To the moon and back: Lessons in goal setting and more

To the moon and back: Lessons in goal setting and more

Jesse Lyn Stoner is a consultant, former business executive, and bestselling author of several books, including the internationally acclaimed Full Steam Ahead: Unleash the Power of Vision, which has been translated into 22 languages. For over twenty-five years, Dr. Stoner has worked closely with leaders in hundreds of organizations. She uses collaborative processes that engage the entire workforce in creating their desired future. Her clients range from Fortune 500’s to non-profits worldwide, including Honda, General Electric, Pfizer, Marriott, Edelman Public Relations, and SAP to name just a few.

I had a great conversation with her on her books, professional experiences and personal career journey with valuable  lessons to be learnt along the way.

She shared very interesting stories about NASA going to the moon, and Russians winning during Olympics to get her ideas across. One of the most powerful points in the conversation was how she dealt with her need to be with her young son and fulfilling her professional dreams.  This was an idea many parents can relate to and her story is an inspiring one of making a choice that works for you.

So go ahead and listen to us discuss (run time approx 25 min):

  1. What is the difference between goal and vision and why this difference matters to your success ?
  2.  What is the leadership drift and how do we prevent it from happening ?
  3.  Role of visualization and success in our endeavours ?
  4. How Jesse stayed true to her personal goals and achieved professional success.

Quotable quoted:       People have the right to become who need to be.

3 things to do: right here right now.

  1. Harness the power of visualization to drive yourself to success. Create a vision board.
  2. You will always have a second shot at a career, not always at life. Go ahead and prioritize what matters to you.
  3. Don’t confuse goal and vision.  Goals can change in achieving the same vision

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2 Responses to “To the moon and back: Lessons in goal setting and more”

  1. Jack Skuatt says:

    Very inspiring. I loved it. I am going to try to create a much more definitive vision in my life.

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