Leadership lessons from a boundary spanning career

Leadership lessons from a boundary spanning career

The thing I regret most about my podcast with Dr. Astrid is that it was too short. While today she may be with Microsoft, at one point she was in the heart of Russia in the middle of the cold war ! She has also been an academic and been involved in investment banking (talk about career diversity)

She was also one of the lead researcher and co-authors  on a very impactful study titled “Rising to the top ? Women and leadership in Asia”

In this podcast we talk to her about her career and the lessons she learnt along the way that will benefit women as they navigate the ups and downs of their careers. Her candidness and authenticity as well as great advice on topics of women and leadership made for a truly wonderful conversation.

3 things to do right here right now:

1.       Brands you associate with provide you with power through your career trajectory so choose carefully.

2.       Your strengths and passion should define your career. It defines your competitive advantage

3.       Adapt to cultural demands of being a woman but remain true to who you are. EQ (emotional quotient) is crucial in leading in circumstances where women are expected to be submissive.

Quotable quotes:

  • We can’t solve the entire world’s problems by involving only one half the world’s population. We need the involvement of both men and women.
  • Women’s leadership is a human capital issue not just a gender issue.

Astrid Tuminez, interview (Runtime 30mins)

Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez is Microsoft’s Regional Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) in Southeast Asia (SEA), where she drives government and corporate affairs initiatives.  She is also an Adjunct Professor and the former Vice-Dean (Research) of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (National University of Singapore). Astrid was also Director of Research for alternative investments at AIG Global Investment. In the 1990’s, Astrid ran the Moscow office of the Harvard Project on Strengthening Democratic Institutions.

She has been a U.S. Institute of Peace Scholar, a Freeman Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar, a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, a Distinguished Alumna of Brigham Young University, a fellowship recipient of the Social Science Research Council and the MacArthur Foundation, and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Asian Women Leadership University project.  She serves on the board of ASKI Global, an NGO focused on training and financing entrepreneurship among Asian migrant laborers.  Finally, she is the proud mother of three children, aged 16, 11 and 3.

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